Product and Services

Conflict-free Natural Diamonds

Our diamonds come from mines where raw diamonds are meticulously extracted from the earth while adhering to the strictest ethical, environmental, and safety guidelines. Our goal is to increase their level of trust and transparency relating to ethical origins of their diamonds.

"Diamond is a natural miracle sourced from the depths of the Earth's surface."

Discover the diamonds in our collection that shine the brightest, crafted by skilled artisans to stand out from the rest


All Shapes

The physical structure or the form adds to the beauty or appearance of the diamond. Our skilled artisans craft high-quality diamonds interestingly accessible in beautiful and striking shapes.

All Colors and Clarity

Gem-quality diamonds come in a variety of hues, from colorless to light yellow or light brown. Colorless diamonds are the rarest. Our natural colored diamonds include intense hues of yellow, pink, blue, green, violet, gray, white, purple, and many more.


All Cuts and Carats

The most significant factors influencing a diamond's attractiveness are its cut and carat. We provide diamonds of diverse shapes and weights that were created utilising the best practices and technologies.


Rough Diamonds

We provide rough diamonds of the highest quality in all sizes. Our rough diamonds are one of the most distinctive and uncommon in their form and come from reliable sources. Our aim is to raise their level of trust and transparency regarding the ethical origins of their diamonds.

All of our diamonds come with a conflict-free guarantee. We will continue to back and support any initiative that upholds the integrity of the diamond trade.

  • A one–of–a kind stone
  • Straight from the mine
  • The most ethical choice
  • Cheaper than polished counterparts